Non-Union & Union Medics

National Registered Set Medics

  • Call upon A1 Set Medics for Film, Television and Commercial Production basic medical protection. We also provide the medical services for special events.

  • Our Set Medics provide basic medical equipment and supplies needed on set and can help coordinate with local Ambulance, Air Ambulance and Fire Departments as needed.


  • A1 Set Medics, also called EMT's, are among the most experienced in the industry. Well equipped and looking sharp. A1 Set Medics are ready to handle anything your production can throw at them. All A1 medics carry a current Emergency Medical Technician Certification (EMT) and a current CPR Card card from your working state.

    A1 Set Medics also have current background checks. This process includes Live Scan figerprints and other identification information being sent to California DOJ for a state and federal CORI database search. (CORI = Criminal Offender Record Information)

    We specialize in non-union shoots, but have a large roster of preferred and recommended union medics.


    A1 Set Medics also provide EMS services to one-day or multi-day events, including but not limited to:

    • Off-Road Motor Racing
    • Corporate Events
    • Clubs and Raves
    • Air Shows
    • State Fairs
    • Award Shows
    • Extreme sports
    • Block Parties
    • Golf Tournaments
    • Conventions
    • Concerts and Rallies
    • Athletics
    • Music Festivals
    • Team Competitions
    • Construction Sites

A1 Film Crew does not employ Set Medics. All A1 Set Medics contract with A1 Film Crew as their Business Agent for advertising their services and experience and as a “behind the scenes” resource to maintain excellent communication and a work calendar. All A1 Set Medics work directly for Production Companies.

A1 Set Medics is a division of A1 Film Crew

  • image Set Medics (also know as EMT's)

    A1 Medic on set of SHAPE-UP Rodman-vs-Flair Showdown

    A1 Medic on set of Outback with Jamie Durie filming in Florida


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